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As you know each Mariner High School senior is now required to complete a Culminating Project in order to graduate. In Mukilteo School District, the project is all about the student. It reflects each student’s personal and academic story as they attended school throughout their elementary, middle and high school years. Each student gives a 20-minute presentation to a panel that may include a teacher or administrator and another adult from the community. This is where we come in. Kristine Whipple is looking to contact members of the Alumni Association and invite them to participate in evaluating students’ presentations. Kris is looking for evaluators for several presentation dates this school year. Volunteers need to be available from about 1:30-4:30/5:00 PM. You will be paired with a staff member who has evaluated in the past so you’ll be mentored through the process. Here are the dates they need volunteers: Nov. 17, Dec. 15, Feb. 9, April 27, and May 25. If you are interested in providing help for the Senior Culminating Project please go to the website below for more information or contact Kris directly at (425) 356-1700 ext.1829. Here is the Culminating Project website, which has a link to the volunteer application: Helping as Mariner Alumni for the Senior Culminating Project is a great way to reconnect to our community. Thanks John Lengenfelder MHSAA President   

   The MHSAA will be doing an attendance award again for $500, it will be for the best attendance from Oct. 1, 2009 to May 15, 2010. This years 4th Annual Dinner/Auction will be held on the first Friday of May 2010, May 7, 2010.  Scholarships offered this school year will be  4 each $1,000 scholarships.  2 each to boy/girl going to college and 2 each boy/girl going to technical school. Two raffles are planned, one at the Mariner/Kamiak boys basketball game Friday, Jan 8th and one at the Mariner/Kamiak wrestling match Tuesday, Jan 26th.



   The MHSAA dinner/auction was held at The Manor this year. The Manor is a wonderful setting for any special occasion and a perfect setting for our auction.We raised $24K this year for Mariner High School student scholarships. The MHSAA will award 4 each $1000 scholarships this June. The MHSAA also provides a cash award for the senior with the best attendance. Many thanks to Cindy Stienmetzer and the Mariner High School Cheerleading squad for checking in the evenings guests and showing them the areas. As is our custom we had two student Acheivers Scholarship recipients speak during the night. Rocio Martinez and Yonas Fikak spoke about their lives and ambitions. Rocio and Yonas are seniors at Mariner High School this year and gave emotional speaches that touched us all! April Bowman, College Success Foundation counselor spoke about the goals of the College Success Foundation and the need for mentors. Each scholarship recipient gets matched one to one with a mentor. A silent auction was held before dinner, our tasty dinner was provided by our friends at La Pamera resturaunt. Chuck and Geralyn Davis ran the spirited dessert auction. The live auction is the main event for the evening and auctioneer Darrel Chapman's fellow IBEW 191 donated $500 to start the evening. Thanks again to the IBEW 191! Darrel and his wife JoAnn keep the auction lively and entertaining. Too much fun! As usual there are many that contribute the success of the evening so here are some additional thanks: Muareen and Shawna Fortney for check out and cleanup thoughout the evening. The Manor and our hosts Kermit and Francesca Cohn. Jennifer Mantooth for support and tirelessly keeping the MHSAA trustees focused.  Scott Butner for taking the photos of the evening. Last but not least Principle Brent Kline and Mariner High School faculty and staff for all the support throughout the year. 


      Why the MHSAA Gala Dinner and Auction you ask? As you know it is a greater challenge for our youth to graduate, then obtain their goal of continuing education than many of us may have faced. Time seems short and funds to fullfill those goals even shorter. To this end the MHSAA will be sponsoring 4 scholarships for the 2007 school year. The MHSAA will also be giving a new laptop (or $500 cash) to the senior with the best attendance. These early goals are modest compared to the need. It is our hope that this yearly dinner/auction will provide funding for many more scholarships and awards in the future. The planning meeting will be held every two weeks in preparation for the event. See Events calender for postings. We need volunteers for the various committes. Please send us an email or just register to the web site. We hope to get representation for all the past classes.   

Mariner High School was built in 1970. In the intervening 36 years, its doors have seen more than 10,000 graduates, plus an untold number of faculty and staff. The Mariner High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) is the dream of four members of Mariner’s first graduating class and one administrator: Their goal is “to reach, connect and celebrate alumni and friends of Mariner High School, to build lifelong relationships and to support Mariner High’s mission.”